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The AWP Official’s Code of Conduct is based on the tenets of the National Association of Sports Officials.

  • Officials shall be free from any obligation other than the fair and impartial judging of the water polo contest. Anything which may lead to a conflict of interest, either real or apparent, must be avoided. Gifts, favors, special treatment, privileges, employment or a personal relationship with a school or team which can compromise the perceived impartiality of officiating must be avoided.
  • Officials shall master both the rules of the game and mechanics necessary to enforce the rules, and shall exercise authority in an impartial, firm, and controlled manner. Referees may clarify calls, not lecture individuals regarding behavior.
  • Officials shall be professional in their demeanor. The use of profanity and the consumption of alcoholic beverages or use of tobacco products is prohibited at all events. Officials shall not publicly criticize other AWP members.
  • The safety and welfare of the players are of primary importance.
  • Any person officially charged with a crime will be removed from direct involvement with American Water Polo until such time the matter is resolved, at which point the staff will determine a course of action.