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How much does membership cost?
Scholastic memberships-$55, Seniors-$65, Clubs, Coaches, and Referees are free.

Why are coaches and referees free?
They should be supported and rewarded and not treated as a revenue source.

How long does my membership last?
365 days from the moment you register.

What do I get for joining?
Insurance coverage, annual reward (shirt, hat, etc), 10% discount with Kap7/Turbo

Why are your fees so low?
As a “true” non-profit, we keep overhead low and revenues invested for our mission.

Is American Water Polo a new organization?
We were established in 2003.

What would you provide me if I started a league?
Score sheets, balls, (caps if needed), web pages, administrative help, and insurance coverage.

Are there any leagues in my area?
We sponsor leagues throughout the United States. Leagues range from age group athletes through the top college programs in the country.

How do I find officials?
Simply call the office if you need officials for an event.

What is your insurance coverage like?
We carry the same coverage found in all youth sports organizations. If your pool requires something specific, contact the office, 610-277-6787.

Can I play another team that is not registered with AWP?
AWP members can play any team, regardless of their insurance coverage. Think of AWP insurance like your car insurance – it covers you wherever you go.