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American water polo is a non-profit 501 (c)3 membership based organization whose purpose is to provide opportunities for athletes of all ages to enjoy the sport of water polo. Its primary focus is the provision of insurance coverage and competitive opportunities for teams at an affordable rate.

To this end the organization runs leagues and competitions, as well as providing assistance for individual teams to do so independent of the national office.

KAP7 Presents: Ocean Water Polo with Wolf Wigo

Olympian and KAP7 co-founder Wolf Wigo takes the KAP7 inflatable goal out in to the Pacific Ocean for some training. Beautiful scenery and some great trick shots.

KAP7 Remote Training: Day 12 – Catch to Backhand/Turn & Finish with Olympian Wolf Wigo

KAP7 presents Day 12 of its Remote Training program as three-time Olympian and KAP7 co-founder Wolf Wigo covers a fun drill for players that works on a number of vital skills at once.

KAP7 Tip of the Week: Center Conditioning with John Mann – Regaining Position on a Defender

The KAP7 Tip of the Week series continues with another video focusing on conditioning for centers. This week, two-time Olympian John Mann demonstrates a technique to regain position on a a defender when they are able to push you out of your base position.

212 Claim 2019-20 American Water Polo Scholar-Athlete Award

American Water Polo (AWP) recognizes 207 members with 2019-20 Scholar-Athlete recognition. Athletes honored by AWP must meet the following standards:

American Water Polo Mourns the Passing of Official Greg Hallisey

American Water Polo (AWP) mourns official Greg Hallisey who passed away during the evening of Friday, August 7, following an illness.

Looking for a Place to Play: Check Out the Collegiate Water Polo Association Men’s Missouri Valley Division

BRIDGEPORT, Pa. — The Men’s Collegiate Club Division Spotlight completes it run in the Missouri Valley Division of Lindenwood University “A”, Lindenwood University “B”, McKendree University, Missouri University of Science & Technology, Saint Louis University and...