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IL Summer High School League

About the League

League General Info

Who: High school boys and girls

When: Thursday nights – 6 PM (clubs with one team may not play Thursdays)

Dates: Mid June to Mid July 16th

Where: Teams are expected to host up to three games during season

Costs: TBD

Deadline: May 1st 
Mail to: Rob Lindgren 1100 W. Dundee Rd. Buffalo Grove IL 60089
After May 15th a $100 late fee will apply 
After June 1st the entry may not be accepted

Insurance: Athletes must be members of American Water Polo 
More info: Robert LIndgren robert.lindgren@d214.org

Competitive Information

Games: Minimum 8 games/team

Championship: July 14 – Boys and July 15 – Girls; Five teams/site, round robin

Rules: IHSA Time: Six-minute quarters, one minute between quarters, three between halves
Overtime: Two, three-minute periods followed by three-minute SD periods Scores: 
Winning team must report scores to office@americanwaterpolo.org

Schedule Rev: Schedule changes by mutual consent of teams and league coordinator 
Forfeits: Failure to notify the opposing team and the league 
First time – team on probation 
Second time – team excluded from competition and loss of entry 
Future participation requires approval and $100 fee