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BRIDGEPORT, Pa. — American Water Polo (AWP) founder and Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA) Commissioner Dan Sharadin and four-time Olympian Tony Azevedo announce a cooperative agreement to sponsor one-day clinics for local officials and coaches to gain an understanding of how the game of water polo is currently being officiated.

Presented for any coach or referee that seeks to improve their knowledge and skill set, content for the clinics is geared towards the level of the participants, based on conversations with the clinic host and the local officiating organization. All clinics will occur as part of Azevedo Clinic/Combine Program Weekends.

“Partnering with Tony Azevedo’s camps to help train officials and coaches throughout the country is an extension of both organizations (American Water Polo/ Collegiate Water Polo Association) interest in growing the number of officials outside of California,” noted Sharadin.

“It is our goal to help the coaching community understand officiating through the eyes of the referee. Although the clinics will be geared towards officials, they will be open to coaches interested in learning how the game is being called so the dialogue between coaches and officials can benefit the sport now and into the future.”

The cost of the clinic is $20 and includes a catered lunch and a padfolio. All other expenses for the clinic are underwritten by American Water Polo and the Collegiate Water Polo Association.

Five Azevedo Clinic/Combine Program Weekends will occur across the continental United States in 2018 with officials clinics only occurring on Saturdays:

  • April 28/29 – Denver, Colorado (Officials Clinic – Saturday, April 28)
  • June 23/24 – Mason, Michigan (Officials Clinic – Saturday, June 23)
  • July 28/29 – Cincinnati, Ohio (Officials Clinic – Saturday, July 28)
  • August 3-5 Seattle, Washington (Officials Clinic – Saturday, August 4)
  • August 13/14 – Portland, Oregon (Officials Clinic – Monday, August 13)

About the Officials Clinics: Staffed by members of the CWPA Technical Committee – all with previous United States National Team and/or National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) knowledge – the clinics will utilize Dartfish software to permit participants an opportunity to be recorded and reviewed during the event for maximum educational benefit.

Example Clinic Schedule:

8:30 Registration

9:00 Mechanics and Whistles

9:30 Professionalism, Personal Development Options

10:00 Relationship Between Referees and Coaches

10:30 Break

10:45 Perimeter Play

  • Team Defenses and Offenses- What to Look For
  • Referee Collaboration- How can it Help Perimeter Coverage?
  • Ordinary & Exclusion Fouls – Developing Consistency
  • Free Throws and Ball-in-Play
  • Player Safety, Game Control

11:45 Lunch & Q&A with Clinicians

12:30 Two-Meter Play

  • Use of the Ordinary Foul
  • When to call the Exclusion Foul
  • Player Safety, Game Control

1:45 Break

2:00 Scrimmage

3:30 Video Evaluation of Referees from Scrimmage

4:45 AWP and CWPA Organizations and Opportunities

5:00 Wrap-up

For more information, contact the American Water Polo/Collegiate Water Polo Association office at 610-277-6787 or office@collegiatewaterpolo.org.