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Sexual Abuse and Misconduct

(Adapted from the Positive Coaching Alliance)

American Water Polo considers the safety and well being of our members a top priority. We prohibit abuse and strive to proactively address reports of this type of conduct. When informed of an allegation of inappropriate contact, and we will take swift action to investigate in a fair way in accordance with our policies, including reporting suspected abuse to the proper law enforcement agencies.

Sexual Abuse Policy and Procedures:

  • All coaches registered with American Water Polo must complete a background screening including sexual abuse and molestation before they can be covered by AWP insurance.

    The Head coach or team administrator is responsible for ensuring that all individuals working directly with minors at their program have completed the clearance process.

    Adults involved in a supervisory role are to follow the guidelines of good sportsmanship and positive education by…


    1. Agreeing not to use abusive or foul language
    2. Actively working to prevent disrespectful behavior between team members, including sexual harassment.
    3. Never engaging in threatening or intentionally inflicting physical injury upon anyone, especially a minor. This includes stopping threatening behavior by players.
    4. Never committing any sexual offense against a minor, or engaging in any sexual contact with a minor.
    5. Never making any sexual advance, or engaging in other verbal, or physical conduct of a sexual nature with a minor.
    6. Avoid any situation that places an adult alone with a minor at any time.

Reporting of Suspected Child Sexual Abuse

If an allegation of sexual abuse is reported to American Water Polo, the Executive Director will promptly contact the proper law enforcement agencies.
All coaches, volunteers, parents and program participants are directed to notify the AWP office of any incident of abuse or suspected abuse that they witness or that is reported to them.

Should a suspected incidence of abuse be reported, the coach/volunteer in question may be temporarily suspended from duties while an investigation takes place.