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Offensive Fundamentals & Tactics

Center Forward
Beating a Front at 2 meters
Layout Shot
2m Player’s Shooting Options
Inside Turn Technique
2m Player’s Play Making Ability Beyond Shooting
Driver and Perimeter Play
 Pass and Retrieve Drill
Passing Drill For Mobility
How To Turn A Defender
Outside Turn Technique
Ballside Drive Technique
Ball Handling Drill
When & How to Use a Donut Shot
Ball Under to Counter Attack
Creating Separation on Offense
Swimoff Techniques
Eggbeater Technique When Finishing a Shot
Hips Up + Wrist Control
Counter Attack
Maintain Lead Technique
Shooting & Passing
Penalty Shot Strategy
Shooting Game Challenge
Shooting Game Challenge
When To Take a No Look Shot
Lob Shot
Quick Release Shooting Drill
 Cross Face Passing Drill
 Shooting Drill against the Shot Block
Backstroke Passing Drill
Do’s and Don’t s of Faking
 Shooting Drill Focused on Mobility
  4 Fundamentals of Passing
Backhand Shot Tips
Shooting from a Cross Pass
6on5 Advantage
6on5 Shooting From Position 1 and 5 position
6on5 Shooting From Positions 1 and 5