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Pacific Coast League Men’s Rules

The Pacific Coast Water Polo League (PCWPL) follows NCAA Rules with the exception of overtime play. If a game is tied at the end of regulation the teams go immediately to a shootout using the following rules:

  1. The shootout will begin immediately with the same referees that officiated the game 
  2. Coaches will be requested to nominate five players and a goalkeeper who will participate in the penalty shootout; the goalkeeper may be changed at any time provided the substitute was listed on the roster for that game
  3. The five players nominated will be required to be listed in order and that order will determine the sequence in which those players will shoot at their opponent’s goal; the sequence cannot be changed. 
  4. No players excluded for the game are eligible to participate as shooters or substitute as a goalkeeper
  5. If the goalkeeper is excluded during the penalty shootout, a player from the nominated five players may substitute for the goalkeeper but without the privileges of the goalkeeper; following the taking of the penalty shot, the player may be substituted by another player or alternate goalkeeper. If a field player is excluded during the penalty shootout, the player’s position is removed from the list of the five players participating in the penalty shootout, and a substituted player is placed in the last position on the list. 
  6. Shots will be taken alternately at each end of the field of play, unless conditions at one end of the field of play advantage and/or disadvantage a team, in which case all shots may be taken at the same end. The players taking the shots will remain in the water in front of their bench, the goalkeepers will change ends, and all players not involved must sit on their team bench. 
  7. A coin toss will determine which team shoots first 
  8. Should teams still be tied following the completion of the initial five penalty shots, the same five players shall then take alternate shots until one team scores and the other does not score 

All scores should be reported within 24 hours of the completion of a tournament or weeknight game so the results and standings can be accurately reflected on the league website. Submit scores to office@americanwaterpolo.org.

If you have any questions regarding the league, including league rules and player eligibility, feel free to contact Dan Sharadin (610-505-8761 cell) during the course of the weekend. 

Tournament Host may contact Gary Robinett, PCWPL Coordinator of Officials (714) 488-5823 cell, if you need immediate assistance regarding the assigned referees.