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Main Line League Age Group Rules

Age Group Playing Rules & Helpful Hints

NCAA Playing Rules will be used with the following exceptions:

  •  18 minute halves running time with last minute of each half stop time
  •   Two minute half-time where teams change ends
  •   One, two-minute time-out per half-does not carry over
  •   35 second shot clocks for 12u and 14u division. 30 seconds for all other divisions
  •   Team roster size is unlimited
  •   “10” Goal Sportsmanship Rule: Teams shouldn’t beat other teams by more than 10 goals
  •    OT only played in championship (sudden death)
  •    Red Cards one-game suspension, Flagrant Misconducts two-game suspension

 12U Novice Division Additional Modifications:

  • Physical contact should be limited. Any contact is an immediate foul even if the player is holding the ball
  • Remember, safety comes first!
  • Ejections can be called when needed
  • Teams may play with five or six field players and a goalie as long as both teams agree.
  • Players can use the bottom to stabilize but not to bounce off when shooting or blocking a shot.  
  • Course can be shortened to 20 yards long
  • Goals are 3’ Height x 5’ Width or standard size if smaller is not available

 12U Experienced Division Additional Modifications:

  • Physical contact should be limited.
  • Ejection fouls should be called for impeding and physical play
  • Teams play with six field players and a goalie unless otherwise agreed upon by both coaches.
  • Normal goals or junior size can be used.
  • Players should do their best to use only one hand to catch and throw.
  • Players should limit the use of the bottom.