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Illinois Fall 14U League Rules

Rules: NFHS
Timeouts: 1 per half
Mercy Rule: 10 goal spread = running clock
Time: 5-minute quarters, 1 min between quarters and two between halves
Overtime: Only at championship, 5 min SD then shootout with three shooters
Standings: 3 pts for win, 2 pts for OT win, 1 pt tie, 0 pts loss
  • If a team expects to forfeit a championship round game due to a lack of players, it should notify the league and give up its seed to the next lower seeded team that can field a full lineup. 

  • There will be two divisions an A and B division based on ability level.  The top team in the lower division could move up the following year, and the bottom team in the upper division could move down.

  • The division movement is also based on each coach’s discretion.