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Illinois 10U Winter League Rules

Course Rules:
  1. No standardize pool set up requirement for the league. Host will do their best to make the course 15-20 yrd in length. If no moveable bulkhead is available or floating cages, the host will try and modify the course as best as possible to make the experience enjoyable for the athletes. Junior goals are preferred but not required to host.
  1. Goals – Jr Size Goals preferred, however regulation goals can be used.
  2. 2m and 5m and half pool markers
  3. Balls – Size 3
  4. No formal league play structure
  5. Age requirement: Athletes 10 years old on December 1, 2018, however if a team is struggling to get numbers for the games a team can bring less experienced swimmers who exceed the stated age limit.
League rules and guideline for referees/coaches:
  1. Typically in younger age groups maintaining possession of the ball can be challenging, officials should try and whistle ordinary fouls for possession and always maintain player safety.
  2. Ordinary fouls are the only type of contact permitted in the league, Athletes are encourage to keep contact to the hand and elbow of their opponent.
  3. Players may use two hands to catch, but only one hand to pass or shoot the ball. Regular goalie rules apply.
  4. 5 minute quarters with 2 minutes between each quarter or (2) 10 minute halves with 3 minutes between each half. Switch ends at half for all deep and at quarter break for shallow deep
  5. Game clock will be a running time – exception for timeouts and the final minute of play in each period/half.
    1. 3- 1 minute timeouts per game
    2. No overtime.
    3. No shot clock
  6. When the score goes over 6+ goals the table will stop scoring.
  7. No standing with the ball when shooting on shallow end goal.
  8. Flotation device of any kind is permitted.
  9. Players cannot shoot from a free throw.
  10. Players are allowed a free pass after a foul and the defense cannot engage until a pass is made.
  11. Exclusion fouls should only be called in extreme circumstance. The excluded player swims to the exclusion area.  They can immediately reenter the game once they arrive or a substitution can be made.
    1. No penalty fouls.
    2. Physical play is prohibited in the league
  12. Obvious offensive fouls should be called and player safety is paramount.