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Code Of Conduct

Inherent within all professional organizations is the potential for conflicts of interest, harassment, abuse of power, and other forms of unethical practice. These guidelines help to promote and protect the spirit of the game, safeguard the best interest of the participants, and establish and maintain standards of behavior.

I agree to practice good sportsmanship and show respect for others while competing at all times. This includes shaking hands with the opposing team following a game, refraining from any physical intimidation, verbal taunting, disrespectful comments towards others, and publicly criticizing the officials.

I understand my role as an educator and agree to set a positive example for my athletes by respecting the officials and opponents at all times in both my actions and words. This includes refraining from criticizing the officials in a public manner or in front of my team.

I recognize teams will differ in ability and agree to creatively work towards providing a good experience for all participants rather than winning by the largest margin possible. This may require modifying my own team’s tactics without humiliating my opponent.

I agree to act as a professional in a fair and impartial manner during all contests and will avoid anything which may lead to a conflict of interest, either real or apparent.

I agree to refrain from commenting in any manner in a public forum that might be construed as having a bias towards or against a particular program, coach, referee, or athlete.