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California Super League Rules

All scores should be reported within 24 hours of the completion of a tournament or weeknight game so the results and standings can be accurately reflected on the league website. Submit scores to praetorianwpc@gmail.com.

League Directors
If you have any questions regarding the league, including league rules and player eligibility, feel free to contact the appropriate league director.

South Conference:  Micha Pavlovic, 209-947-3112
North Conference:  Erik Zador, 209-221-5209

Competition Rules
FINA Rules will govern competition with the following modifications:
Teams receive one time-out per game
Games consist of 6-minute quarters and teams play three games per date
Teams tied at the end of regulation move to a shoot-out

Win = 4 points
Shootout Win = 3 points
Shootout loss = 2 points
Loss = 1 point
Forfeit = 0 points – Teams forfeiting must pay $50 to compete in their next game 

Age Requirement
The athlete’s age at the time of the event determines their eligibility

Shoot-out Rules
Coaches list five players in shooting order, plus a goalkeeper
The goalkeeper may change provided the athlete was listed on the game roster
The goalkeeper may participate as a shooter
Players excluded from the game are ineligible
If the goalkeeper is excluded during the shootout, one the five may act as goalkeeper, but without the privileges of the goalkeeper
If a field player is excluded, the substituted player will shoot in the last position
Shots will be taken alternately at each end of the field of play unless conditions vary, at which point all shots may be taken at the same end
Shooters remain in the water in front of their bench, goalkeepers will change ends, and all players not involved must sit on their team bench
Coin toss will determine the team that shoots first
If teams are tied after the five penalty shots, the shooters shall alternate shots until one scores, and the other does not